Offered services

All of our services are at your disposal to make your shopping experience at Carrefour du Nord more enjoyable!

COVID-19 – However, for the health and safety of our customers, the following equipment and services are reduced or temporarily unavailable, we advise you to call customer service if you have a particular need before traveling:

  • Seating places in restaurants and in the food court
  • Lockers
  • Photo distributor

Each entrance to the mall has at least one automatic door.
In addition, inside the shopping center, walkways allow you to move around easily.

To allow you to stay connected, the Carrefour du Nord is pleased to offer you access to free Wi-Fi throughout the mall.

All employees of the Carrefour du Nord maintenance and safety department have received first aid training approved by the CSST. The mall is also equipped with a first aid kit and a semi-automatic heart defibrillator. Any customer of the center who is injured inside the mall or in the parking lot must report the incident to Customer Service at the central courtyard so that a report can be drawn up and signed by the person concerned.

The food court will satisfy all appetites (entry 4)! High chairs for toddlers are available at this location. Consult the complete list of restaurants.

You will also find other restaurants, such as A&W at entrance 2, Masako Sushi and Café Dépôt at entrance 5 and Saint-Cinnamon at entrance 3.

All items found in the center are returned to Customer Service at the central courtyard. Call 450 436-8650 for any complaint.

The Carrefour du Nord is located in Saint-Jérôme, on the edge of the Laurentian highway (exit 45). This region offers many activities and resources to enhance your visit or stay. Here are some suggestions:




Cultural :

For useful information during your stay with us, visit

Bus tickets for the city of Saint-Jérôme are on sale at Pharmaprix (near entrance 5).

The administration office is located on the 2nd floor, at entrance 4 on your left.

The gift card is offered to customer service at the central courtyard.

Amounts varying from $10 to $500, offer the value you desire! Payment types accepted: cash, Interac, Visa and Mastercard.

To learn more about the gift card, follow this link.

Lockers are available at entrances 3, 4 and 5 for the modest sum of $ 1.

A Canada Post counter, with all the services, is available inside Pharmaprix (near entrance 5).

National Bank ATMs are available at entrance 6.

For leasing or space availability information, please contact:

Long-term leasing:

Tommy-Alexandre Roy, Director Leasing, Westcliff

Temporary leasing:

Marc-André Pellerin, General Director, Carrefour du Nord

A photo distributor is available at the National Bank courtyard (entrance 6, 7), at a cost of $ 4 for 4 photos.

Wheelchairs are available free of charge from Customer Service in the central courtyard.

Please note that you must leave us your driver’s license or health insurance card, it will be returned to you when you return the equipment to customer service.

Limited quantities. No reservations accepted.

Strollers are available free of charge from Customer Service in the central courtyard.

Please note that you must leave us your driver’s license or health insurance card, it will be given to you when you return the stroller to customer service.

Limited quantities. No reservations accepted.

A bin is available for you to collect your batteries at Customer Service in the central courtyard. Near the food fair, just between two telephone service kiosks, you will find an Électrobac for the recovery of your used small electronic devices. Thank you for thinking about the environment!

To make your time with your baby as pleasant as possible, we have provided you with a breastfeeding room. It is available near entrance 3, right next to the washrooms. You will find a changing table, a microwave, rocking chairs and a separate toilet room.

On behalf of the Carrefour du Nord, we wish you a moment of peace with baby!

Parking spaces are specially reserved near each entrance for people with reduced mobility, families and rideshare.

You will also find 3 pick-up areas (entrances 3, 4 and 5) for your orders made online or by phone from merchants who offer this service. For more information on the pick-up service, click here.

Changing tables are available in the women’s and men’s washrooms (entrance 4, 2nd floor), as well as in the disabled washroom (entrance 4) and in the entrance washrooms 3.

Public telephones are available at all entrances to the mall.

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