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Back to school is on our doorstep, and with it, the return of the routine dodo-school-homework-dodo children. The hardest? Create excitement among your little ones about returning to class after a summer in the sun or at the day camp! Discover our tricks so that the return is spent in positivism, calm and good humor.

Respect your budget

In the frenzy of September, it’s easy to lose control over your purchases! Set the limits of your budget before you start shopping. Peel the flyers to find the best prices and make a list of last year’s supplies that your kids could reuse. You will thus avoid impulsive expenses, superfluous purchases, in short … regrets!

To each his tasks

To get started on the new fall routine, make a list of tasks for yourself and for the kids. Make sure you include everything, including morning tasks. Small tip: pin it in advance in a visible place so that they become familiar with before D-Day!

The benefits of a clear schedule

Being well organized reduces stress, unexpectedness and forgetfulness. Set up the school routine at least a week before the first day of school. Your child will then go to bed earlier, having enough sleep for school days. In the morning, step back to the routine as if the school were started.

An organized house

No need to embark on major renovation projects! Simply arranging a space for homework and lessons can make all the difference. Opt for good lighting and choose a room away from the TV and other distractions. Store the necessary materials for your child to work effectively.

To be taken in advance

This is an excellent habit to take! To avoid chaotic mornings, put the table in the evening for lunch the next day, prepare lunches and take out the children’s clothes, school bags … even think about taking out your own clothes. If possible, prepare a lunch corner for the children. Book an accessible shelf in the pantry on which you place cereals, jams, bread … in short, everything to make the small autonomous! Another way to get ahead? Double some of the dinner recipes to freeze portions that you can take out on the night when the schedule is tighter. With these little tips, you’ll earn an A + for your back-to-school management. For purchases of school supplies or home planning items, visit Carrefour Angrignon. You are sure to make great finds within your budget!

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